UTES symposium 2024

The International Symposium on Underground Thermal Energy Storage

28 February 2024 in Offenburg, Germany



The event offers an exceptional platform for participants to gain insights into the current developments within the realm of underground thermal energy storage. IEA Geothermal and GEOTHERMICA Initiative with the support of the IEA Energy Storage TCP organise the event with an opportunity to engage with experts across various aspects of the technology. Do not miss the networking possibilities in the evening after the event. The symposium is free of charge to attend, but you must register.   


With the rapid expansion of renewable energies, energy storage on various time scales is of particular importance for a robust and resilient energy system. Underground heat storage systems have a very large capacity compared to tanks above ground. They are, therefore, ideally suited for the conservation of surplus energy generated during periods of abundance, such as in the summer, to be utilised during periods of energy production deficits, such as in the winter.

The symposium will address Underground Heat storage systems (UTES) in various forms, such as ATES, Aquifer storage systems, BTES, Borehole thermal energy storage, MTES Mine water thermal energy storage, and PTES, Pit thermal energy storage.

More information on the programme available here

Registration closed. 

Contact us: iea-giasec@gns.cri.nz or info@geothermica.eu