GEOTHERMICA Initiative, a collaborative effort between international public authorities, is poised to revolutionise the way we harness the Earth's natural heat to power our lives. 

What is the GEOTHERMICA Initiative?
GEOTHERMICA is a successful platform through which public sector representatives collaborate, pool national efforts to accelerate geothermal energy deployment, and ensure it plays an integral role in the global energy transition. 

Our vision
GEOTHERMICA Initiative foster mutual inspiration and activities that strengthen the geothermal energy sector and realise progress beyond individual country efforts. GEOTHERMICA plays a unique role in the geothermal sector by fostering broad, inclusive collaboration while facilitating coordinated public research and innovation programs to accelerate geothermal energy deployment. 

What's next?
Over the coming months and years, GEOTHERMICA will support research projects, host conferences, and foster collaboration to push the boundaries of geothermal energy. 

Stay tuned for updates, breakthroughs, and opportunities to get involved!