Call 2

Call 2 cofunded projects

GEOTHERMICA's second call's objective is to launch projects that accelerate the piloting, demonstration and validation of novel concepts of geothermal energy supply within the energy system and to identify paths to commercially viable deployment. Projects may also address oriented research that underpins novel concepts and paths to commerciality.

In this second additional joint call, seven projects were funded, four as Type A- large trans-national demonstration projects with a total budget of €19 million; and three Type B- smaller trans-national research and innovation projects with a total budget of €5 million. 

The total budget funding in this second additional joint call is around €24,5 million.

List of projects

  1. DEEP 
  2. DEEPEN 
  3. TEST-CEM 
  4. SPINE 
  6. SEE4GEO
  7. GRE-GEO