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As one of the biggest project management organizations in Germany, Project Management Jülich is a competent partner for science, industry and politics. With expertise in research and innovation management, Project Management Jülich supports its clients in the German Federal Government and the federal states as well as the European Commission in implementing their research policy goals with a focus on project funding. 

Project funding furnishes the public authorities with an instrument that they can use to help set the course of research.With around 1000 employees, Project Management Jülich covers a broad range of topics, Energy being one of the most prominent. It combines scientific and structural expertise with administrative competence in a neutral manner independent of its own economic interests. 

As a largely independent organizational unit of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Project Management Jülich benefits from an excellent scientific environment and access to cutting-edge infrastructure facilities. Apart from Jülich, it has offices in Berlin,Rostock and Bonn.Identification of the role:

Lead person:

Dr. Stephan Schreiber (Dipl.-Geologist) is scientific officer in the division “Renewable Energies” (EEN) of Project Management Jülich with a special focus on geothermal energy. Project Management Jülich is administering the research funding program