The Geothermica joint calls will focus on demonstration projects that bring innovative geothermal energy solutions closer to commercial deployment and encourage industrial participation to leverage public sector investment

GEOTHERMICA will bridge the gap between research and the market by supporting innovative solutions to obstacles identified in the prior GEOTHERMAL ERA-NET in developing geothermal energy. It will do so by organizing and pooling national financial and human resources and national research infrastructures to accelerate research and innovation on the utilization of geothermal energy. Importantly, the innovation in the industry will be the main target area, and GEOTHERMICA expects industrial involvement of about 50% in the portfolio of funded projects. The funding pool will be used to implement a joint call for proposals resulting in grants to third parties that focus on improving business cases, reducing time to market and developing research alliances that bring together the best of Europe's researchers and entrepreneurs in the field. 

The first joint call was co-funded by the European Commission. The consortium planned to launch a second joint call with new partners in 2019. The majority of the consortium partners have indicated a clear will to dedicate funding for that.

To meet the objective, GEOTHERMICA has invited several new partners to join Call 2 to ensure that the research and innovation space dedicated to geothermal energy is large and attracts excellent talent. To this end, Norway and the USA have decided to participate in this call.