Additional Activities

GEOTHERMICA participants' primary role as governmental entities provided a unique opportunity to engage - with high priority and in a concerted manner throughout Europe – principal stakeholders across the geothermal energy value chain ranging from grant- receiving members of the research community to industry actors that develop and deploy geothermal technologies. 

Additional activities are lead by the Work Package 7 “Knowledge, Strategy and Support” to support aspirations through:

  • Exchanging information, knowledge and good practices related to geothermal energy research and innovation policies between the national and regional funding bodies.
  • Developing a coordinated strategy to build a durable and long-lasting European research and innovation cooperative for the development of geothermal energy.
  • Implementing the strategy via joint activities and programs aimed at coordinated research, innovation and market support for the uptake of geothermal energy.

As funding agencies and governmental administration, the GEOTHERMAL ERA-NET participants are lead drivers towards European cooperation.


Currently, GEOTHERMICA project focuses on OpERA and Round Table activities. Reports about the activities on the right-hand side menu. 


Site visit of GEOTHERMICA Consortium during kick-off in Azores, January 2017.