Public deliverables, scientific documents, proceedings are published and linked on this page after receiving the EU Officers approval. In addition to the above, we continuously report on the conference papers.

Publications / Conference papers

  1. Improving Geothermal System Performance Through Collective Knowledge Building and Technology Development, Laura Wasch, Raymond Creusen, Florian Eichinger, Tanya Goldberg, Claus Kjoller, Simona Regenspurg, Troels Mathiesen, Pejman,
    PERFORM Team, EGC2019
  2. Integrated Scale Management for Geothermal, Vanille A. Ritz, Antonio P. Rinaldi, Raymi Castilla, Elisa Colas, Peter M. Meier, Stefan Wiemer
    COSEISMIQ Team, EGC2019 

There are 14 papers submitted by Call 1 cofounded projects to the WGC2020.
It will be posted online after the conference in October 2021

Public Deliverables by GEOTHERMICA 

WP3 | D3.6
Information on each selected project (including abstract, participants, and funding)
RANNIS / Website post - Visit

WP4 | D4.4
GEOTHERMICA final report of granted projects (Public)
RVO / Report

WP4 | D4.5
GEOTHERMICA evaluation of monitoring procedures
RVO / Report

WP6 | D6.2
Information on each project selected in the second joint call
AEI / Website

WP6 |D6.3
Evaluation of the second joint call
AEI / Report

WP7 | D7.1
Joint Catalogue on national research projects JoProShow
Jülich / Website post - link to the website report

WP7 | D7.2
Update on national barriers, opportunities and RD&D needs
RVO / Report - link to the report  

WP7 |D7.3
Report on Round Table Working Meeting (task 7.2.1)
RVO / Report

WP7 |D7.4
Report on first support workshop
RVO / Report

WP7 | D7.5
Report(s) on further support action(s)
Jülich / Report

WP7 | D7.6
Report on the impact of support Joint Activities & strategic recommendations for post-2021 cooperation
Jülich / Report