ATES workshop 2023

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage workshop

20-21 April 2023 Hoorn, The Netherlands

IEA TCP Geothermal and GEOTHERMICA organised a workshop on the need of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) to be an essential part of the Heating and Cooling transition. The workshop aimed to connect ATES experts and public/national authorities, compiling relevant finished & ongoing studies, outlining an ATES review study, and creating ideas for further collaboration.  In addition, the workshop included a site visit to ECW Energy, the largest Geothermal operator in the Netherlands, and a visit to the GEOTHERMICA HEATSTORE High-Temperature ATES Demonstration project.

The workshop was a hub for ATES experts and public & national authorities, facilitating networking and knowledge sharing. It provided a unique opportunity to bring minds together to discuss the future of sustainable energy solutions.

Participants compiled a wealth of completed and ongoing studies on ATES, providing a comprehensive understanding of its potential and impact. An ATES review study was outlined, setting the stage for further research and development in this area.

A highlight of the event was the opportunity for attendees to visit ECW Energy, the largest geothermal operator in the Netherlands. It was an eye-opening experience to witness real-world ATES applications. Additionally, a visit to the GEOTHERMICA co-funded project HEATSTORE High-Temperature ATES Demonstration showcased innovation in action.

The workshop was a resounding success, with nearly 30 passionate participants fostering the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences across various sectors. ATES stands as a cornerstone of the sustainable future.

Please find below the proceedings and the meeting materials.

Proceedings report- click below

Annexes from the workshop

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  1. 8.2.1.-Current-State-Netherlands-ATES_IF-Technology
  2. 8.2.2.-Country-Update-Switzerland
  3. 8.2.3.-Heatstorage-Bern
  4. 8.2.4.-VESTA-Project_SWM
  5. 8.2.5.-ATES-groundwater_KWR
  6. 8.2.6.-Country-update-Germany
  7. 8.2.7.-Country-update-USA_Alexis
  8. 8.2.8.-Country-update-Korea
  9. 8.2.9.-Country-update-Slovenia_GeoZS
  10. 8.2.10.-Succes-factors-HTATES_IF-Technology
  11. 8.2.11.-Heatstore_Roadmap_TNO
  12. 8.2.12.-Fieldtrip-ECW-Middenmeer-HT-ATES-2023-04-20

Additional Information 

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  2. 8.3.2._MMB_2012_Extended-Summary-ATES-Netherlands-research-programme
  3. 8.3.3.-GSEU_WP3-KoM_Introduction


Participants of the ATES workshop in Hoorn, the Netherlands, April 2023