About Geothermica

GEOTHERMICA's objective is to combine the financial resources and know-how of 18 geothermal energy research and innovation programme owners and managers from 14 countries and their regions. Together with financial support from the European Commission GEOTHERMICA will launch joint projects that demonstrate and validate novel concepts of geothermal energy deployment within the energy system, and that identify paths to commercial large-scale implementation.

Europe aims to increase the share of renewable energy for direct heating and cooling, industrial processes, power generation and energy storage. Geothermal energy today is only utilized in choice market sectors and in few regions. It is an under-utilized widely distributed, clean, low carbon footprint and continuously available energy resource. Thus it is uniquely positioned to substantially contribute to a safe and secure energy supply of Europe's Energy Union.



GEOTHERMICA's thematic concept features three technological and four cross-cutting innovation themes – these themes have been identified previously in the GEOTHERMAL ERA-NET.


GEOTHERMICA will call for innovative demonstration projects and technology development projects that accelerate geothermal energy deployment. Projects will deliver outcomes by 2021. Joint projects will have a strong industry participation. Project proposals will meet both, GEOTHERMICA and national/regional funding rules.

This joint effort by EU Member States and Associated Countries will complement Europe's research and innovation community and industry sector efforts. It will reinforce the sector´s contribution to the goals of the European Energy Union and the implementation of the SET Plan.