Overview of Funded projects

Fifteen high quality transnational projects in GEOTHERMICA calls

GEOTHERMICA – ERA-NET Cofund supported already fifteen high-quality transnational projects on geothermal energy in its Call1 and Call2. The total investment in the projects is close to M€90. About half is funded by GEOTHERMICA and the other half comes from project partners.

The projects cover a broad range of topics such as heat storage, managing induced seismicity, EGS drilling and completion, production operations, composite casing and integrated applications of geothermal heat.  They have participants from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, France, Flanders, Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Azores Portugal, Norway, and the USA.

#GEOTHERMICA had already funded projects in two calls Call1 in 2018 and Call2 in 2020 both demonstrated and validated novel concepts of geothermal energy deployment within the energy system. They bring innovative geothermal energy solutions closer to commercial deployment and been well accepted by 

An overview of the projects with a short description and funding info can be found to the right.