Proceeding from Roundtable released

Roundtable coorganised by GEOTHERMICA Initiative, CETPartnership TRI4Heating & Cooling, Geothermal IWG, EEA Grants, Geological Survey of Slovenia, and the Ministry of Environment, Climate & Energy of Slovenia on the Heat Transition & Geothermal Energy Opportunities. 

Roundtable proceedings can be found here and all presentations here

Key takeaways from the roundtable discussion include:

♨️ Implementing geothermal projects is a significant step towards achieving energy independence and reducing reliance on traditional sources.

♨️ Geothermal projects create employment opportunities, fostering economic growth in local communities.

♨️ Local municipalities stand to gain from support and education programs, enlightening communities about geothermal energy's benefits and diverse applications.

♨️Championing favourable local laws and policies is imperative to foster an environment supportive of developing geothermal projects.

♨️ Collaborating internationally accelerates local processes, fostering a collective effort towards a more sustainable energy landscape.


Roundtable meeting in Ptuj, December 2024