We are thrilled to announce that the GEOTHERMICA project has evolved into the GEOTHERMICA Initiative, and it´s making waves with a dynamic new direction. 

GEOTHERMICA has become an initiative exclusively involving public authorities. It is a successful platform through which public sector representatives collaborate, pool national efforts to accelerate geothermal energy deployment, and ensure it plays an integral role in the global energy transition.

In June 2023, the GEOTHERMICA Initiative had its spectacular kick-off event in the heart of Iceland, a nation known for its geothermal prowess! Iceland's stunning landscapes and geothermal energy expertise provided the perfect backdrop for this historic occasion. 

Meet Our Leadership Team!
We're delighted to introduce the esteemed individuals who will be steering the GEOTHERMICA Initiative for the next two years: 

  1. Orkustofnun, Iceland, Halla Hrund Logadóttir: Chair, the National Energy Authority of Iceland (OS) operates for the benefit of society and in line with Iceland's energy policy. Its role is to create a transparent environment for energy matters, promote innovation and informed discussions, and provide expert advice to the authorities for the general public's well-being.
  2. RVO Netherlands, Paul Ramsak: Joining as Co-Chair, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) brings its extensive experience in renewable energy innovation. 
  3. DoE United States, Lauren Boyd: Also Co-Chair, the Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) is a technology office within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy works to reduce costs and risks associated with geothermal development by supporting innovative technologies that address key exploration and operational challenges.
  4. PtJ, Germany, Stephan K. Schreiber: Completing our Co-Chair quartet, the Project Management Jülich (PtJ) from Germany brings expertise in research and innovation management and supports its clients in the German Federal Government and the federal states as well as the European Commission in implementing their research policy goals with a focus on project funding.
 The GEOTHERMICA Initiative is not alone on this journey. We're excited to announce our collaboration with other European Funding Agencies such as RANNIS, Iceland, DETEC, Switzerland, GSI Ireland and influential networks, including the CET Partnership and the TRI4 Office. 

Together, we'll amplify our impact and drive the adoption of geothermal energy worldwide.

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Part of the team from GEOTHERMICA Initiative attending the kick off in Skogar, Iceland