IEA Geothermal Symposium in Offenburg

IEA Geothermal hosts aN Asian Symposium day at this year´s Geotherm Expo & Congress in Offenburg

The International Geothermal Association - in cooperation with IEA and the GeoTHERM expo & conference - will be holding an Asia Geothermal Symposium in Offenburg, Germany on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. The symposium aims to give the participants an insight into the geothermal markets of Asia and Germany and open a dialogue around business opportunities and knowledge-transfer between the regions.

Our partner PtJ- Projektträger Jülich, will have a booth were information on IEA Geothermal and GEOTHERMICA project can be found during the whole Expo including contact points from both institutions. We are excited to meet you there! 

The IEA Geothermal link is: and

The Offenburg link is:

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The last year meeting gathered a lot of interest among conference participants