Thematic areas

Targeting innovations

Four thematic areas derived from three technological aspects for the GEOTHERMICA call 1 and Call 2.

GEOTHERMICA targets innovation in the way geothermal energy is supplied and integrated into Europe's energy system of the future. GEOTHERMICA focuses on three technological themes, which cover all stages in the development cycle of a secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable geothermal installation (Figure below): 

  • Identification and assessment of geothermal resources suitable for direct use and power generation
  • Geothermal resource development (drilling, completion, materials and equipment)
  • Supply and smart integration into the energy system and operations Across these themes, four crosscutting, non-technological thematic aspects are important for GEOTHERMICA; sustainability, knowledge sharing, public perception of a strong geothermal sector as well as evidence-based policy formulation 
  • The project may also address cross-cutting themes related to health, safety and environment, and social acceptance and policy-relevant aspects.

Second-Call-thematic-areas Source: GEOTHERMICA Call Text and Guideline for Applicants 2nd Call, Table 2