Q&A ERA-NET GEOTHERMICA Call 1. Q&A will be updated frequently

1. Scope of the Call

Q 1.1: What kinds of proposals are expected?
A 1.1: The aim is to motivate and launch transnational, innovative R&D projects related to deep geothermal energy; for the specifics consult the Call Documentation at http://www.geothermica.eu/call-to-action/

2. Eligibility

Q 2.1: Who can apply?
A 2.1: The call is open for industry, universities and research centers. Eligibility may vary as it will be dependent on the rules of the relevant national and regional funding programs. Prospective partners are strongly recommended to discuss eligibility with the contact persons at their national/regional funding agency. A list of contact persons is available in the Call Documentation (Chapter 11) and on the this website, under Contact Points .
Each project partner must be prepared to enter into an individual contractual agreement with the national or regional funding agency. [*Note: The contractual agreement with the funding agency will define the roles, responsibilities and activities of the partner within the proposed project. The rules of each funding program will determine whether an individual partner may be entitled to receive funding for their role and activities within the proposed project].

Q 2.2: What is the minimum size of the Consortium?
A 2.2: Only transnational projects will be funded. Each proposal must show a spectrum of European participation with at least three eligible applicants from at least two participating countries in the consortium.  

Q 2.3: Can partners outside the GEOTHERMICA countries/regions participate?
A 2.3: This Call is primarily directed at those countries/regions that are partners of the GEOHTERMICA consortium. The list of participating funding agencies is detailed in the Call Guidelines. Additional project partners can join the consortia as a third party if they can provide their own source of funding.

Q 2.4: Why should we participate in an international consortium?
A 2.4: The GEOTHERMICA Call gives you the opportunity to participate in an trans-national project under your own national/regional rules and in programs with which you are already familiar. This Call also gives you the chance to exploit international technology and market expertise and allows you to integrate into international value chains. Participation will allow you to work under a well-defined framework with partners that would otherwise not be readily accessible to you'.

Q 2.5: Can applicants be involved in more than one project?
A 2.5: Yes, it is possible to participate in more than one project.

Q 2.6: Is there a maximum level of project costs that should originate in any one country within a project?
A 2.6: Applicants are encouraged to build consortia with partners from several countries. Each funding organisation can establish a maximum amount of funding per participant/project. This is specified in Annex 1 of the call documentation

3. Application Process

Q 3.1: Where can I find all the necessary forms for submitting a proposal?
A 3.1: You can download all necessary forms for a proposal at http://www.geothermica.eu/call-to-action/

However, for submitting your pre-proposal and proposal you will need to gain access to the electronic submission system (ESS) and consult the user manual. The ESS will open around 1 June 2017, some 6 weeks prior to the 10 July 2017 submission deadlineUsers must register on the website prior to gaining access to the submission system. Call Guidelines may be downloaded from the website. National/regional contact points will also provide relevant information.

Q 3.2: Will I receive confirmation of receipt?
A 3.2: The project coordinator will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of the submitted proposal.

Q 3.3: Does every partner have to supply a proposal?
A 3.3: The project coordinator must submit the Pre-Proposal and Full Proposal using the electronic submission tool. Each project partner has to apply for funding to their respective national/regional agencies. The information detailed in the Pre-Proposal will meet the requirements of some funding agencies. However some other funding agencies will require the submission of further documents and/or supporting information. Each partner is requested to contact their local funding agency in order to determine what additional information is required and when it needs to be provided.

Q 3.4: Is it permissible to supply a proposal in a national language?
A 3.4: The Pre-Proposal and Full Proposal forms must be submitted in English. The national/regional documents must also be provided to the relevant funding agencies according to the existing national/regional rules.

Q 3.5: Is it necessary to provide a Consortium Agreement (CA) with the proposal?
A 3.5: As general rule, CA should be signed before the starting of the project. 

Q 3.6: What are the timescales for the Call Process?
A 3.6: Timescales for the Call Process are given in the call documentation.

Q 3.7: Can I request an extension of the deadline to submit either a Pre-Proposal or Full Proposal?
A 3.7: No. The Call deadlines for Pre-Proposals and Full Proposals are fixed. The deadlines for the national/regional proposals may vary. It is advised to check the deadlines for the national/regional programs with the appropriate funding agency.

4. Evaluation

Q 4.1: How are Proposals evaluated?
A 4.1:  ERA-NET Cofund cofunded call: The national/regional funding organisations implement the evaluation and selection through a two-step procedure: 

- Step 1: review at national or trans-national level for admissibility (Chapter 8 of call documentation) followed by a national/regional eligibility check.
- Step 2: international peer review. Only entities that are eligible for funding under the national programs involved in the joint call may be invited to Step 2. Note that it is expected that full-proposals will have evolved after the 10 July 2017 pre-proposal submission. This necessitates a second GEOTHERMICA admissibility and national/regional eligibility check.
In Step 2, the beneficiaries must evaluate full proposals with the assistance of at least three independent experts, on the basis of the following award criteria: (a) excellence; (b) impact; (c) quality and efficiency of the implementation.

Q 4.2: What if I fail my national/regional eligibility check?
A 4.2: In this case, the coordinator or main applicant of the project will be asked to issue a statement on the consequences and remedial action to deliver the work program as specified in the full proposal. The GEOTHERMICA Office will instruct the coordinator accordingly.

Q 4.3: What's next after the evaluation?
A 4.3: Projects receiving a positive evaluation (i.e. those over the threshold) will be ranked in order of overall score. GEOTHERMICA will prioritise the funding of each project based on its position on the ranking list. The number of projects that will receive funding will be subject to the availability of funds.

Q 4.4: Will I get feedback on the project submission?
A 4.4: The GEOTHERMICA Office will send feedback on the evaluation to the project coordinator after all funding decisions have been made. Feedback on the proposal will be provided also by the relevant national/regional agencies.

5. Funding

Q 5.1: Who is funding this call?
A 5.1: The funding comes from the national/regional funding agencies so each project partner is responsible for applying for funding from the relevant agency.

Q 5.2: What exactly is funded?
A 5.2: The level of funding and the costs covered are dependent on the rules of the relevant programs. Partners are recommended to discuss this with the appropriate funding agency.

Q 5.3: Is there bonus funding available for transnational cooperation?
A 5.3: This will depend on the national/regional rules. Applicants have to discuss this with their respective funding organisation.

Q 5.4: Is every partner required to submit a funding application?
A 5.4: No, partners with «own financial means» may participate, if they wish. But, they must confirm this source of funding at application stage.

Q 5.5: What happens if a project is awarded funding by their respective national/regional agencies but is not approved by GEOTHERMICA?
A 5.5: If the national/regional agencies wish to fund the project, they may do so. However the project will not be considered as a "GEOTHERMICA project".

6. Project Implementation

Q 6.1: How long does it take before the projects can actually start?
A 6.1: The expected starting date of project is defined in GEOTHERMICA call documentation

Q 6.2: Is it a problem if a project starts before the final decision by the national/regional agencies?
A 6.2: It is recommended that the project should only start after the funding decisions have been made.

Q 6.3: What happens if a partner leaves the consortium?
A 6.3: The issue over what happens if a partner leaves should be covered by the Consortium Agreement.

7. More information

See the call documentation for relevant information on the call process, eligible projects and consortia, funding rules or evaluation procedures.

After 1 June 2017, consult the "Submission System" section for instructions on how to complete the Application Form, the process of accessing to the Submission System for the first time and subsequently, and also the process of submitting the Application Form.