The Cooling and Heating transition Acceleration via Network Geothermal Energy

5th generation geothermal district heating and cooling (Geo5GDHC) systems have the potential to significantly decarbonise heating and cooling provided in urban areas by making use of optimised building systems and by re-using waste heat within buildings and within the network.

 With underground thermal energy storage (UTES), the ability to use intermittent renewable energy sources is maximised, reducing or eliminating the use of fossil fuel-generated electricity. A significant challenge is gaps in existing models and design/analysis tools. 

This project is aimed at demonstrating Geo5GDHC systems and developing new models, design algorithms, and design tools to facilitate the rapid design of resource-efficient and sustainable distribution systems that take advantage of sector-coupling and incorporate UTE.

Main Coordinator:

Saqib Javed
Lund University, Lund, Sweden