Pilot Testing Sorption based thermal energy storage

One of the main obstacles to the energy transition is the mismatch between supply and demand. The project develops a modular, compact, loss-free, thermo-chemical heat storage system. This project uses the knowledge from previous projects (f.i. EU-MERITS, SWeKOS 2) in which a product is developed up to TRL 5. 

The storage product is a 30 kWh, 15 kW system for 500 €/kWh. Due to the absorption processes, it is capable of storing energy as well as producing heat or cold. Initial pilot testing of 3 systems, development of a pilot production line, system control and integration and pilot testing in a real-life environment of 8 systems results in a thermal energy storage system ready at TRL 8. 

This product accelerates the transition of heating and cooling towards renewable, environmentally friendly systems. The balance between industry, consultancies’ and University increases the chance for success. 

Main Coordinator: 

Tim Rutten