Real-time control and tuning of borehole heat exchanger fields for optimal integration in heating and cooling systems

Borehole heat exchanger (BHE) fields combine many individual BHEs for the comprehensive supply and storage of heat and cold. In the RECOIN project, a new type of control system is being developed that monitors the thus far largely uncontrolled operation of such fields, smartly regulates individual BHEs and adapts them for optimal overall system efficiency. 

The most important development of the project is flexible modelling, prediction and control procedure that will be integrated into a new control system for predictive control. In the international consortium, the focus is on the construction of a real-time controller and the validation of the control system, which is applied as a prototype to a highly monitored field site in Switzerland. In cooperation, also through application to other fields in Berlin and Stockholm, the basis for flexible, practical use and utilisation is created.

Main Coordinator:

Peter Bayer, Prof. Dr.
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg