HEating Cooling Transition and Acceleration with Phase change energy Utilisation Storage

The “HECTAPUS” project investigates the potential for the use of Phase Change Materials (PCM) storage for accelerating the heating and cooling transition. Among the thermal energy storage technologies, PCM is a promising technology for short-term storage of heat or cold for periods of hours to days. 

The phase change of a medium, e.g. ice to water, absorbs a large amount of energy with a small temperature change. Thermal storage with the use of PCM of high energy density is a space-efficient storage solution. It can decrease the required seasonal storage volume when used together with underground thermal energy storage (UTES) systems. However, the combination of latent heat storage with UTES is limited in number. 

This project will investigate the technical and economic performance of many case studies for integration with UTES via heat pump technologies.

Main Coordinator:

Justin NingWei Chiu
KTH Royal Institute of Technology