Thermal energy storage technologies need to be developed and become an integral component in the future energy system infrastructure to meet variations in both the availability and demand of energy. The main objectives of this project are to lower the cost, reducing the risks and to optimize performance of high temperature (~25 to ~90°C) underground thermal energy storage technologies by demonstrating 6 distinct configurations of heat sources, heat storage, and heat utilization. Technical, economic, environmental, regulatory and policy aspects will be addressed that are necessary to support efficient and cost-effective deployment in Europe. The project will stimulate fast-track market uptake in Europe promoting development from demonstration phase to commercial deployment within 2 to 5 years on the European market and provide an outlook towards utilization of full potential in 2050.

 Project website https://www.heatstore.eu/


  1. ENeRG, the European Network for Research in Geo-Energy Presentation link 

EGC2019 | June 2019

  1. HEATSTORE: High temperature underground thermal energy storage Proceeding link  


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