GeConnect aims at increasing the reliability of the downhole construction of geothermal wells beyond the state of the art using flexible couplings (patent filed 19th of December 2016, international publication number WO 2017/103950 A1). The flexible couplings are able to minimize the risk of casing failures, e.g. casing collapse due to high axial compressive stresses and casing/coupling failure due to axial tensile stresses or cement failures due to axial forces applied onto the cement.

In GeConnect, the integrity of cemented annulus and the casing using flexible couplings will be tested in-situ in a surface experiment.

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Final project public report available in Publications 

Institution/enterprise Country
ÍSOR - Iceland GeoSurvey Iceland
GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences Germany
TNO Netherlands
Landsvirkjun Iceland
HS Orka Iceland


  Geothermica financing Total cost Own financing
GeConnect - Total financing  868.891 1.196.126 327.235