Stress Profiling in EGS

SPINE is developing new tools for stress profiling in the crystalline rock to estimate stimulation efficiency and seismicity related to subsurface heat exchangers' creation. The 3D borehole wall displacement and injection pressure allow estimating the full 3D stress tensor. 

LBNL invented this instrument and will provide the partners with lessons learned to date. Solexperts will test the instrument for industrial geothermal applications. ETH will demonstrate the benefits of stress profiling with this new technology through extensive field-scale testing. Datasets from two Underground Research Facilities will be shared. RWTH will reproduce protocols at a laboratory scale. UNINE and CNRS will validate inversion protocols. 

Geo-Energie Suisse will integrate the procedures in their planned geothermal projects. Lessons will apply to sites in the USA (FORGE) and Switzerland (Haut-Sorne).

Project leader: Mr Yves Guglielmi- : LBNL 


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Partner name Country
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory USA
ETHZ Switzerland
UniNe Switzerland
Geo-Energie Suisse Switzerland
RWTH Germany
Solexperts Germany