Enhancing REservoirs in Urban deveLopment: smart wells and reservoir development

For clean cities (mission horizon Europe), geothermal reservoirs are prospected to be developed in many urban areas with the intent of replacing fossil fuel-fired heating. Developing geothermal reservoirs is challenging in many urban areas, even if the subsurface reservoir conditions are relatively well known. The main objective is to demonstrate the potential for increased performance by 30-100% of major (marginal) reservoirs for heating in urban areas in the northern EU.

RESULT achieves this by deploying 

  1. optimisation methods and drill and learn strategies,
  2. reservoirs models and uncertainty assessments, 
  3. best-in-class well technology options,
  4. reservoir development optimisation in different settings in Europe. 
  5. innovative procedures and techniques will be 5) used and demonstrated in asset development and drilling a geothermal doublet

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Project leader: Jan Hopman

Project partners

Partner name Country
TNO Netherlands
EBN Netherlands
ENGIE Netherlands
Huisman Netherlands
GDG Ireland
ISOR Iceland
Reykjavik Energy Iceland

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