UTES Symposium on 28 February 2024

Agenda available



We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming International Symposium on Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) scheduled for 28th February 2024 in Offenburg, a side event of the GEOtherm Symposium. Organised by IEA Geothermal and GEOTHERMICA Initiative with the support of the IEA Energy Storage TCP, this event provides a remarkable platform for participants to gain insights into the latest underground thermal energy storage developments. Engage with experts across various aspects of the technology, and don't miss the networking opportunities in the evening after the event. The symposium is free of charge to attend, but registration is mandatory.

As we witness the rapid expansion of renewable energies, energy storage on various time scales becomes crucial for a robust and resilient energy system. Underground heat storage systems, with their larger capacity compared to above-ground tanks, are an ideal solution for conserving surplus energy generated during periods of abundance, such as summer, for utilisation during periods of energy production deficits, such as winter.

The symposium will comprehensively cover Underground Heat Storage Systems (UTES) in various forms, including ATES, Aquifer storage systems, BTES, Borehole thermal energy storage, MTES Mine water thermal energy storage, and PTES, Pit thermal energy storage. For more information on the program, please visit our website.

Registration for this free 1-day event, happening just a day before the main GeoTHERM event, is now closed.

Programme of the UTES Symposium is available for download here


Download here 


09:00 Welcome pitch, Christian Minnig (CH, Geothermal TCP) & Paul Ramsak (NL, Geothermica Initiative)
09:15 Presentation of IEA Geothermal TCP (CH, Christian Minnig), Geothermica Initiative (NL, Paul Ramsak) & IEA Energy Storage TCP (NL, Stan van den Broek)
09:30 Introduction to large scale UTES, Robin Horsmans (NL, Geothermica Initiative)
10:00 ATES overview presentation, Prof. Sebastian Bauer (DE, Uni Kiel) & Bas Godschalk (NL, iftechnology)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Project presentation: ATES Groningen, Theo Venema (NL, WarmteStad)
11:15 Project presentation: HT ATES Geospeicher Berlin, Stefanie Dedeyne (DE, BTB)
11:30 Project presentation: Seasonal crystalline BTES Darmstadt, Prof. Ingo Sass (DE, TU Darmstadt)
11:45 Project presentation: Large scale BTES Bern, Martin Jutzeler (CH, ewb)
12:00 Panel ATES/BTES, moderation Prof. Sebastian Bauer (DE, Uni Kiel) and Bas Godschalk (NL, iftechnology)
12:30 Lunch


13:30 Thermal, chemical and microbial impacts on groundwater by UTES systems: Causes and Considerations, Niels Hartog (NL, KWR)
14:00 PTES overview presentation, Geoffroy Gauthier (DK, PlanEnergi)
14:30 Project presentation: PTES TREASURE: demonstrating 7 Pit Thermal Energy Storages in Europe, Wim van Helden (AT, AEE INTEC)
14:45 Project presentation: MTES Bochum, Florian Hahn (DE, Fraunhofer IEG)
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Project presentation: MTES Heerlen, Ria Doedel (NL, Mijnwater)
15:45 Project presentation: MTES UK overview and STEAM project, Jessica Dassow (UK, Uni Edinburgh)
16:00 Panel MTES/PTES moderation Geoffroy Gauthier (DK, PlanEnergi) and Paul Ramsak (NL, Geothermica Initiative)
16:30 UTES strategy panel with Christian Minnig (CH, Geothermal TCP), Paul Ramsak (NL, Geothermica Initiative) & Stan van den Broek (NL, ES TCP) moderation by Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson (GEORG Cluster)
17:00 Outlook, Christian Minnig (CH, Geothermal TCP) & Paul Ramsak (NL, Geothermica Initiative)

Networking event from 5:30PM only for registered participants