The first GEOTHERMICA call pre-proposals received

The GEOTHERMICA project has received 35 submissions in response to the Joint Call for Pre-Proposals for innovative demonstration and technology development projects that accelerate geothermal energy deployment closed 10 July.

The objective of the call is to award grant agreements for the value of almost €32 million for large transnational demonstration projects and smaller trans-national research and innovation projects, that bring innovative geothermal energy solutions closer to commercial deployment and encourage industrial participation to leverage public sector investment.

The good number of pre-proposals received shows the interest in accelerating geothermal energy across Europe and features technological and cross-cutting innovation themes. GEOTHERMICA is an important step in funding demonstration and technology development through a Member State /EU cooperative budget. The GEOTHERMICA consortium is looking forward to proceeding with the projects and to accelerate the deployment of geothermal energy in Europe, reducing the time to market for novel geothermal energy concepts, and require industrial involvement in research, innovation and demonstration activities.

The highest number of lead applicants comes from the Netherlands with 7 pre-proposal. Second place goes to Italy leading 5 pre-proposals. Thirdly, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland leading in 4 pre-proposals each. France and Germany lead 3, Belgium leads 2, Ireland, Portugal and Spain lead each 1 application. The most frequent co-applicant comes from Germany with 16 pre-proposals, the Netherlands 12 and Denmark 11. There are 506 participants (personnel) whereof over 30% are female. There are 15 large trans- national demonstration projects applying for more than €57 million and 20 smaller trans-national research and innovation projects applying for more than €18 million. The total value of all pre-proposals is more than €140 million. 


Picture presents amount of leading and co-applying pre- proposal by countries involvement 

GEOTHERMICA aims to support transnational, collaborative innovation projects in geothermal energy with a special focus on the direct use and power generation from geothermal resources in an optimized way. Project applications are promising and cover areas where the focus is on targeted innovation actions to achieve goals in terms of performance and cost reductions in geothermal deployment. 

The pre-proposals eligibility check will be conducted over the summer period with the objective to invite applicants to the second stage on 11 September 2017 and submitting full proposals by 24 November 2017.

The GEOTHERMICA is a joint effort by the EU Member States and Associated Countries complementing Europe's research and innovation community and industry sector efforts. It will reinforce the sector´s contribution to the goals of the European Energy Union and the implementation of the SET Plan.