Roundtable on heat transition & geothermal energy opportunities

Cetp-logos-banner-03-002-The GEOTHERMICA InitiativeCETPartnership TRI4Heating & Cooling , Geothermal IWG,, and EEA Grants are organising a Roundtable Event in Ptuj, Slovenia on 12 December. The Ministry of Environment, Climate & Energy in Slovenia will host the event.

The Roundtable will serve as a platform for industry, RD&I, and member states to influence and define the role of geothermal energy in Europe's transition to sustainable energy sources. 

 The discussion will concentrate on the key elements required to tap into geothermal energy's potential, identify existing opportunities, address specific needs, and overcome transnational and national barriers. Participants will have the option to join a Field Trip on 13 December.

Date: 12-13 December 2023
Location: The Grand Hotel Primus, Ptuj, Slovenia - travel directions here

- Hotel rooms can be booked online

Please RSVP before 13 November 2023 by following this link:
Limited spots available


Day 1 | 12 December 2023

Morning Session

Introduction to Roundtable Discussions 
Stephan Schreiber, Co-Chair Geothermal IWG & GEOTHERMICA Initiative 
Philippe Dumas, Secretary General, European Geothermal Energy Council: Prospects of Geothermal Energy in Europe

Country Updates: Strategies & Policies on Geothermal Energy
Slovenia – Gregor Rome, Ministry of the Environment, Climate & Energy of Slovenia 
Germany – Stephan Schreiber, Co-Chair Geothermal IWG & GEOTHERMICA Initiative

Panel Discussions: Strategies for Heating Transition & Geothermal Opportunities 
moderated by Lauren Boyd and Paul Ramsak

Afternoon session

Public Cooperation Supporting Geothermal Energy & Heating Transition
GEOTHERMICA Initiative – Lauren Boyd, Co-Chair GEOTHERMICA Initiative
EEA Grants – María Guðmundsdóttir, Project Manager Geothermal Resources, National Energy Authority of Iceland
Geothermal IWG – Gerdi Breembroek, Chair Geothermal IWG
CETPartnership TRI4 Heating & Cooling – Alicja Wiktoria Stoklosa, Office Manager TRI4

Projects & Success Stories on Geothermal & Heating Transition
Arctic Green Energy – Rúnar Þór Jónsson, Regional Managing Director, Arctic Green Energy
Vienna – Bernhard Novotny, Head of Geothermal Projects, OMV
KeyGeothermal – María Guðmundsdóttir, Project Manager Geothermal Resources, National Energy Authority of Iceland
Croatia – Staša Borović, Croatian Geological Survey
Hungary – Nóra Gál, Geological Specialist, Directorate of Geology SARA

Panel Discussions: Regional Solutions for Heating Transition 
moderated by Nina Rman & Andrej Lapanje

Conclusion and summary

Reception & Networking


Day 2 | 13 December 2023 
Geothermal Field Trip