Preproposals received in GEOTHERMICA's Second Call

GEOTHERMICA has received seventeen submissions in response to its second call for pre-proposals for innovative demonstration and technology development projects that accelerate geothermal energy deployment. The submitted proposals complement themes, topics and previously funded projects under GEOTHERMICA's first call, the Horizon 2020 Work Programme and the national research programmes of GEOTHERMICA‘s partners. They are in line with the Deep Geothermal Implementation Plan.

In the Second Call, interest of participation came by applicants from most of the GEOTHERMICA Second Call consortium that is Germany, Iceland, United States, Turkey, Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain. The number of main and co-applicants are presented in the graph below, with Germany leading the interest in the second call.


The total requested grant is over €38 million with the total cost of all pre-proposals above €63 million.

The pre-proposals eligibility check will be conducted until November 2019 and on Monday, 11 November 2019, selected applicants will be invited to enter the second stage of the procedure. The call for full proposals will close on Friday, 31 January 2020 (13:00 UTC).

Having executed the first call with the financial support of the European Commission, GEOTHERMICA's partners undertake a second call without the participation of the European Commission. To this end, an addition of two new partners joint the consortium, Norway and the USA.