Joint Call 2021 Q&A Follow-up Meeting

Accelerating the Heating and Cooling Transition June 30, 2021 at 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

Our virtual Q&A Follow-Up Meeting  took place on 30 June 2021. Impressions from the 1-hour meeting include a presentation of Joint Call objectives followed by a Q&A session which recording is available online. 

 Joint Call 2021: Accelerating the Heating and Cooling Transition, consortia are invited to submit their project concepts by 4 October 2021 (15:00 UTC).

(if there are any issues comments, questions regarding call please contact

As communicated via our previous newsletters, the Joint Call 2021 "Accelerating the Heating and Cool Transition" addresses technology development, system integration, and innovation, with an emphasis on market-driven projects that are ready for large-scale implementation before 2030. The total available budget is approximately €32,5 million. The complete call text and guideline for applications can be downloaded here.

The matchmaking meetings are also planned and they will be dedicated to all participants. Matchmaking meetings offer a networking opportunity, making new valuable contacts, sharing experience and consolidating long-term cooperation for consortium building applying for call. Please visit our b2match platform, where virtual matchmaking takes place through 1-to-1 meetings you book yourself. In addition, on the platform, you can engage in consortium building and co-creating project proposals until 04 October 2021. 


You do not have a b2match account?

The good news here: There is still time to register for the b2match portal, it is simply made and offers many possibilities for matchmaking. Register here!

On the b2match platform, you can find and get in touch with potential project partners for the JPP SES & GEOTHERMICA Joint Call 2021. You can share your cooperation interests on the b2match marketplace with other community members and GEOTHERMICA and JPP SES partners. This allows you to start building consortia and to co-create project ideas with need owners and potential partners.

To make the most of the b2match platform for you:

Meeting access

Great! To access the Q&A Follow-up Meeting via b2match, follow these steps:

  1. Login/register profile- top right buttons
  2. Choose on top menu "agenda".
  3. In "event agenda", click "Join online session" – you will be transferred to the virtual meeting. The link to join will be accessible 5 minutes in advance of the event at 15:00 CEST.

With your b2match account, you can also already start to book 1:1 sessions with potential partners for the Joint Call 2021: Just browse through the list you find under "participants" and send a meeting request to other participants. Furthermore, suppose you want to search for specific criteria of potential partners. In that case, you can also set filter options like, for example, with "area of activities" and the type of cooperation that is sought.

Note: Please check your b2match messages and e-mail regularly (also in spam folders); you may receive invitations from other participants waiting for your approval. If you have any questions or problems, please, let us know. We will try to solve them together.


 Everyone interested in taking part in the event is kindly asked to fill the registration form:

Joint Call 2021: Accelerating the Heating and Cooling Transition

Thank you, and we are looking forward to your active participation in the meeting next week!

Funding provided by Joint Call Members out of
GEOTHERMICA and JPP Smart Energy Systems networks