HEATSTORE project in Climate Agreement

The GEOTHERMICA-funded Heatstore project is mentioned in the Climate Agreement issued by the Dutch Government on 28 June 2019. The National Climate Agreement is a coherent set of priorities and measures to reach the ambition of 49% CO2 emissions reduction in 2030 in the Netherlands. Since February 2018, more than 100 organisations have worked with the Dutch government to reach this result. The Agreement considers CO2 reductions in five sectors: Built environment, Mobility, Industry, Agriculture and land use, and Electricity.

For the Built environment, it is recognized that the availability of sustainable heating has to be scaled up considerably. Regional Energy Strategies will be developed. Measures for growth of district heating and for growth of the share of renewables on those networks are both broadly addressed. This section also includes some considerations on directions for innovation and development. It is there that the importance of high-temperature thermal storage is identified and the connection to the GEOTHERMICA-funded project is made. The Climate Agreement reads “Building on the European project Heatstore, the heat sector is committed to the development of high-temperature seasonal storage”.

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