HEATSTORE presents European road map

focusing on Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) towards 2050.

As part of the GEOTHERMICA Call 1 co-fund action, the HEATSTORE project has been working on a European roadmap for Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) towards 2050. We are very proud to share the news from the editorial team to present you with the final result. 

You can download the report here

HEATSTORE aims to accelerate the uptake of geothermal energy by advancing and integrating different types of UTES in the energy system. Providing a means to maximize geothermal heat production and optimize the business case of geothermal heat production doublets. And addressing technical, economic, environmental, regulatory and policy aspects necessary to support the efficient and cost-effective deployment of UTES technologies in Europe. 

HEATSTORE partners look forward to creating some impact with the report and that some actions see follow up in the next years. It would be great to see this group of technologies contributing to the energy transition!