GEOTHERMICA Mid-term review results of Call 1 cofunded projects

The Mid-Term Review of GEOTHERMICA's 1st Call cofounded projects took place last June, it was originally planned in March but was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Review evaluated the large cofunded (> 2M€ funding) projects' performance on crosscutting issues, dissemination and transnational cooperation.

The Mid-Term Review was organised by the GEOTHERMICA Office and involved the HEATSTORE, ZoDrEx, PERFORM, and CAGE projects, respectively. Project coordinators and Work Package Leaders met with the GEOTHERMICA Coordinator and members of funding agencies from Flanders, Denmark, Germany, France, Azores, Spain, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland as well as an independent external evaluator to discuss, and review current methodologies, milestones and deliverables.

While the focus of the Review was on the larger projects, a parallel status update meeting was held for the smaller cofunded projects (<2M€ funding), GeConnect, GEOFOOD, COSEISMIQ and GEO-URBAN. This session aimed to showcase their results so far and spark a dialogue between these cofunded project's main coordinators, their consortiums and the respective funding agencies from Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

The Mid-Term Review evaluation reporting, meeting presentations, and discussions, were the primary data collection methods used. Over 80 persons were involved in the discussion, which lasted for six days. Overall, the Mid-Term Review resulted in a thoughtful and engaging conversation with all the project's participants on their results and findings, and also a discussion on potential delays, Covid-19 related delays as well. All the meetings provided excellent communication findings for the project leaders, and indicate strongly that the consortia are hard at work reaching their objectives. The lessons learned from the review will definitely help with the implementation of further GEOTHERMICA related projects.

The GEOTHERMICA Office will, of course, re-evaluate their recommendations during the next reporting period and publish more on the projects' outcomes later in the Fall of 2020 via the GEOTHERMICA website and social media engagement using the hashtag #GEOTHERMICA or #GEOTHERMICAproject.

And last but not least, stay tuned for exciting news on the results of the GEOTHERMICA 2nd Call in October 2020.

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