GEOTHERMICA has been introduced in Reykjavik

The meeting was held by Icelandic partners and project coordinator Orkustofnun together with Rannis and GEORG. The coordinator Guðni A. Jóhanesson presented the connection between the previous project GEOTHERMAL ERA-NET and new goals within GEOTHERMICA. 

Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson, the operational manager of GEORG and GEOTHERMICA Project Office, presented this joint effort by EU member states and associated countries which complement Europe's research and innovation community and industry sector efforts. 

Sigurður Björnsson, Head of Innovation and Development at RANNIS explained the procedure of applying for the grant from GEOTHERMICA fund in Iceland and for Icelandic partners. 

Presentations are available online - Open Meeting in Reykjavik  

On 10th of April 2017, the consortium will publish the Joint Call for Geothermal Projects together with applying procedure terms and conditions. We will keep you informed on our website and newsletter. 



Pictures: Full house presented during the Open Meeting in Reykjavik