Geothermal workshop in Dublin

Impressions from the meeting

GEOTHERMICA Initiative, CETPartnership TRI4 Heating & Cooling, and Geological Survey Ireland organised a workshop at the EPIC Museum in Dublin on 10 October 2023. 

"The workshop highlighted promising concepts for utilising low- and medium-temperature geothermal for the heating and cooling transition of cities and campuses. The lively discussion underlined the potential, as well as the need to take a broad perspective on low- and medium-temperature geothermal in future activities, for example, in the Calls of CETPartnership TRI4 Heating and cooling“, stated Gerdi Breembroek, Lead of CETPartnership TRI4 Heating & Cooling Challenge.

Around 50 participants from 11 countries attended the workshop, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States. 

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