GEOforFOOD webinar invitation

We invite you to the GEOforFOOD webinar on Tuesday, June 29 2021, at 15:30 CEST.
Please register for the webinar by use of the online form- link here

Sustainable food production and processing are one of the key challenges of our time. The use of geothermal energy can be an essential solution to tackle these challenges.

To address these challenges, GEOTHERMICA has started the GEOforFOOD initiative together with Orkidea - Innovation Center to kick off the discussions. 

The GEOforFOOD webinar will serve as a platform to exchange perspectives of industry, research and member states in shaping the role of food production and processing using geothermal as a primary energy source. In addition, the event intends to spark innovation, business ideas and collaboration between different stakeholders.

We hope that the GEOforFOOD webinar will be a fertile ground to stimulate creative thinking on food production in a controlled, sustainable and efficient way using geothermal as a primary energy source.

Meeting agenda - download here 

GEOTHERMICA and Orkídea Team cordially invite you to be part of our initiative.