GEO4FOOD webinar impressions

GEOTHERMICA partners held an international webinar with Orkídea last June which created a platform to stimulate creative thinking on food production in a controlled, sustainable and efficient way, using geothermal as a primary energy source. 

Webinar gathered a great representatives from five organisations working on increasing the opoportunities of geothermal food production towards integration to other renewables. 

Recording of the meeting can be watched on Orkídea YouTube channel

List of presentations below:

1. Introduction to GEOTHERMICA - The GEO4FOOD initiative,
Paul Ramsak and Stephan Schreiber, GEOTHERMICA - Strategy Leads
Presentation link here

2. Opportunities to increase the use of geothermal for food production,
Helga Gunnlaugsdóttir and Sveinn Aðalsteinsson – Orkídea - Iceland
Presentation link here

3. Towards Fossil Fuel Free Greenhouse Horticulture based on Geothermal
Jouke Campen – Wageningen University & Research – Netherlands
Presentation link to video -

4. Towards a Geothermal Food Processing Future
Luca Guglielmetti – University of Geneva – Switzerland / ETIP DG WG H&C lead
Presentation link here

5. Geothermal chances for Food and Tourism: Country Perspective
Martina Gračner – Ministry of Infrastructure Republic of Slovenia (TBC) 
Presentation link here

Maja Turnšek – University of Maribor – Slovenia
Presentation here

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