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The GEOTHERMICA ERA-NET Cofund (GEOTHERMICA) is a five-year action financed under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation. This action, operating from 2017 to 2021, will build on the work of the Geothermal European Research Area Network (Geothermal ERA-NET) which started in 2012 and ended in November 2016.

ERA-NET COFUND is a new instrument under Horizon 2020, the objective being to support public-public partnerships between Member States and Associated Countries, including joint programming initiatives and joint calls. This project is funded under the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2016-17 «Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy» and the topic «Joint Actions towards the demonstration and validation of innovative energy solutions».

GEOTHERMICA aims to support transnational, collaborative innovation projects in geothermal energy through joint calls and carry out other joint activities which will enhance the coordination of public research and innovation programmes and improve the exploitation of results of the projects funded. This document describes the objectives, scope, and topics of the call, rules for participation and procedures for the submission of proposals for projects

GEOTHERMICA is complementary to calls for proposals issued by the EC under its current and subsequent Horizon 2020 Work Programme, or other available instruments, including the national research programs, planned by the countries involved in GEOTHERMICA.

The call for pre-proposals is open from 10 April 2017.

The call for pre-proposals will close on 10 July 2017 (13:00 UTC).

On 11 September 2017 applicants will be invited to enter the second stage of the procedure.

The call for full proposals will close on 24 November 2017 (13:00 UTC).

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