GEOTHERMICA Additional Activities Kick-Off

Additional activities of the GEOTHERMICA CFA started

The Kick-Off meeting for GEOTHERMICA´S Workpackage 7 “Knowledge, Strategy and Support” (Additional Activities) took place in Iceland on the 15th of June 2017.

During the kickoff meeting in Iceland, the strategy of the first year working plan was introduced. The Work Package 7 aims at the exchange of information and knowledge between the national funding bodies and the cooperation with the relevant stakeholders in the geothermal sector. The focus will be put on identifying strategic support needs for the development of geothermal energy and supported by the implementation of Joint Activities.

Two subtasks will be addressed within the first project year:

  1. Task 7.1 the Information, Knowledge and Strategy (see figure below)- the work has started for the implementation for a joint project catalogue. This catalogue provides an overview of funded projects of the last 3- 5 years and will assist the participating funding bodies in using the budgets precisely and effectively.
  2. Task 7.2 subtask starts in autumn 2017- it will update information on national barriers and opportunities for geothermal energy and the national RD&D needs. Based on the status, the strategic recommendations will be formulated.

The document is a result of the precursor project, the Geothermal ERA-NET, where an overview of the status of the geothermal sector in the participating countries was collected and published in 2013-2014 and now needs to be updated. 


Figure 1: Structure of Work Package 7.

Workpackage 7 is led by the Netherlands and Germany and will run for the whole project life-span, most probably this trans-European cooperation will even be continued independently from the project