Turkish partners

Zorlu Enerji

Speciality field 
Zorlu Enerji is an electricity generation, distribution, sales and trade company.

Zorlu Enerji holds 305 MW installed capacity in geothermal energy with 4 power plants;
- 15 MWe Kızıldere 1 GPP
- 80 MWe Kızıldere 2 GPP
- 165 MWe Kızıldere 3 GPP
- 45 MWe Alaşehir 1 GPP

Zorlu Enerji has geothermal dedicated departments under its own such as;
- Exploration and Research
- Reservoir Management
- Drilling
- Project Development
- Operation and Maintenance

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https://www.zorluenerji.com.tr/en |Hakan Sahiller | hakan.sahiller@zorlu.com


Simularge Bilisim ve Muhendislik Teknolojileri AS

Speciality field
Simularge is specialized in developing Engineering Software. Dr Erhan Turan, the co-founder of Simularge, has been involved in solving geomechanics related engineering problems during his post-doctoral tenure in ETH Zürich - Switzerland. Special supercomputer models and software is developed that can be adapted for geothermal simulations (i.e. reservoir systems) Poroelasticity models were generated to solve Biot Consolidation problems. Relevant research and codes can be reviewed in the following links:



Within the scope of this call, Simularge can help its consortium in developing unique software and performing numerical simulations in virtual environments (cloud, server, supercomputer).
Simularge is a company founded by two GE Aviation veterans. Buryan Turan, CEO of the company, has a background in Nuclear and Mechanical engineering. She has been involved in leading gas turbine combustion chamber design in GE Aviation. She is an expert in heat transfer and fluid mechanics.Dr. Erhan Turan has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is an expert in modelling multiphysics problems. Before joining Simularge, he was a tech leader/manager for GE Aviation to design next-generation civil aircraft engines including the ones for Boeing Dreamliner and 777x. He carried out research activities in Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Turkey before.

Simularge is providing engineering software solutions for global companies that have operations in FMCG, Appliances and Automotive. With co-founders' experience ranging over 25+ in total, a presence both in Academia and Industry - Simularge will be a key player and complimentary for well-designed projects.

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http://www.simularge.com/ | Erhan Turan | erhan.turan@simularge.com


NTU Geothermal Consulting Inc

 Speciality field:

Earth Sciences
- Geology
- Geophysics
- Geochemistry
- Preparing the Conceptional Geothermal Model
- Resource Capacity Estimation Studies
- Geothermal Resource Assessment
- Preparing the Resource Protection Area

Evaluation Report and Operating Project

Drilling Services
- Preparing Drilling Program
- Material & Equipment Selection
- Cementing, Mud, Hydraulic Calculations
- Well Completion Operation 
- Stimulation
- Acidizing
- Well Tests
- Pressure-Temperature tests
- Transient test
- Interference test
- Tracer test
- NCG Measurement
- Production tests
- Inhibitor Dosage Depth Optimization
- Pump Selection and Optimization
- Gas-lifting

Reservoir Studies
- Preparing 3D Reservoir Modeling
- Monitoring
- CO2 Injection Project

Geothermal Power Plant
- Power Plant Design
- Power Plant Performance Analysis
- Corrosion and Scaling

 Website | Contact person | E-mail: 
http://www.ntu.com.tr | Melih Çobanoğlu | melih.cobanoglu @ntu.com.tr


Dokuz Eylül University

Department: Dokuz Eylül University | Geothermal Energy Research and Application Center

Speciality field:

- Field Assessment
- Well Test
- Geochemistry
- 3D Geological Modelling

Website | Contact person | E-mail
http://jenarum.deu.edu.tr |  Niyazi Aksoy | niyazi.aksoy@deu.edu.tr




Speciality field:

An integrated state of the art remote sensing-earth observation (EO) and 3D geological modelling services and solutions in the exploration and geological-hydrogeological modelling of geothermal energy resources.

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http://www.jeodijital.com |  Hayati Koyuncu | info@jeodijital.com