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Institut Cartografic i Geològic de Catalunya | Area of Geological Resources 

Speciality field: 
  • Exploration, identification, assessment, classification and reporting of Shallow and Deep Geothermal Resources 
  • Mapping and 3D Modelling and simulation
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Ignasi Herms |

Energylab Technology Centre | Sustainable Building

Speciality field:

One of our main R&D lines is GSHP and renewable district heating systems using GSHP as a resource. We work on the improvement of the energy performance of conditioning and ACS production systems based on the electric powered heat pump technology by the following lines of work:
  • GSHP Renewable district heating in open or closed loop systems.
  • Modelization of energy demand and energy production systems in buildings and DH.
  • Hybridisation with other renewable thermal generation systems.
  • Use of waste heat and energy recovery.
  • Regulation, control and energy monitoring of such systems.
  • High-temperature production (ACS, district heating, industrial uses, etc.). 

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Eduardo Rodríguez |

 Universidad de La Laguna | Departamento de Fisica and IUdEA

Speciality field: 
  • Development of harsh environment optical components for remote detection and analysis of physical and chemical environmental conditions.
  • Experience in participation in EU consortiums and collaborative EU-H2020 projects.
  • Development of harsh-environment photonic sensors and novel sensing technologies (patenting and high impact scientific publications).
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