Norwegian partners


Speciality field: 

  • Numerical/experimental platform to support the development of cost-effective hard rock drilling materials and technologies
  • Research and development in material sciences: metals, ceramics, polymers, elastomers and composite materials
  • Lifetime assessment of materials/components in aggressive chemical/high temperatures environments (e.g. elastomer seals in boreholes etc)
  • Material tribology
  • Multiscale material modelling to predict failure mechanisms
  • Supporting material selection and helping with troubleshooting in manufacturing and product lifetime 
  • Digitalization/Digital Transformation (SINTEF Digital)

Recent project:

SINTEF is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. We offer world-leading laboratory and test facilities in a wide range of technological fields. Our advanced laboratories range from microelectronics and nanoscale technologies to the world's largest laboratory for the multiphase transport of oil and gas, and the world's largest marine laboratory.

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