Matchmaking registration

B2match platform

For matchmaking in Joint Call 2021, we welcome you to the cooperation and networking platform b2match. 

The use of this form is gathering a list of stakeholders interested in the GEOTHERMICA & JPP Smart Energy Systems Joint Call. On this B2Match platform, you can find and get in touch with potential project partners for the GEOTHERMICA & JPP SES Joint Call 2021. This allows you to start building consortia and to co-create project ideas with need owners and potential partners.

On the b2match marketplace, you can share your cooperation interests with other members of the GEOTHERMICA & JPP SES community. Take advantage of these matchmaking possibilities among researchers and companies in cooperation with the Joint Call Members!

Platform link and registration will be announced on 31 May 2021 no later than 14:00 CEST.