Full proposals submission

Full proposal submission deadline passed


is closed for Call2 proposals

Using Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Please note that information submitted in Phase 1 is still in the system. You can make necessary changes and delete applicants that are no longer relevant or eligible for the proposal. For new applicants, please register first the applicant/s, and then the personnel (personnel are linked to applicants which are then connected to work packages).

Only one person/account can have the writing rights to the system. Please fill out all the gaps given in the proposal and make sure that you save changes. The file will not be sent until the click of the button "submit" in part 6.1 "View and Submit". The online form can be edited at any time until it is sent to the database after online submission form will not be able to adapt.

In addition to the information provided in Phase 1 (Link to information website from pre-proposals), applicants are now required to add the project cost in the registration and submission system. The total project cost is added under PROJECT (section 1.2). This should be the same information as in the mandatory Excel template for the projected value (see below). For each of the APPLICANTS, the amount requested as GEOTHERMICA financing is added plus the total projected cost of the applicant. The sum of these fields for each APPLICANT must be equivalent to the same areas in the cost table in the PROJECT.

The progress of the registration form can be viewed under the VIEW AND SUBMIT section. Please notice that some fields are mandatory and the application cannot be submitted unless they have been filled in a correct way. The submit button does not appear until all mandatory fields have been registered correctly and necessary files attached.

Mandatory files to attach:

  1. Written a full proposal (see Annex 3 in the system)
  2. Excel sheet for project costs (see Annex 4 in the system)
  3. Letter of Commitments (LoC) from all partners in the project

To download files, visit http://www.geothermica.eu/call-to-action/.

Full proposal templates are available in the EES in the files column on the right-hand side and a specific Excel template for projected costs. Please fill those out by the guidelines in the GEOTHERMICA call text and instructions in the templates. These two documents and Letters of Commitments from all partners are mandatory attachments when submitting the application. Other attachments can be attached if preferred, but maximum size per file is 10 MB (do not send attachments unless they are deemed necessary).

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your ideas!



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If you do not have a Facebook or Gmail account, you can create one on the purpose of the authentication process. 
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