GEOTHERMICA published its 2nd Call Text and Guideline for Applicants for the second transnational call in May 2019. The guidelines are available for download below. 

All pre-proposals (stage 1, see template Annex 2 and Annex 4 of the call text) and full proposals (stage 2, see template Annex 3 and Annex 4) to the GEOTHERMICA Call shall be submitted via the Electronic Submission System (ESS) of the Call Secretariat, which will be accessible via the web pages of GEOTHERMICA, see point 1 below.

CALL 1: MOnitoring guidelines

Monitoring Guidelines in GEOTHERMICA Call1
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Call 2: latest Information

Monitoring Guidelines in GEOTHERMICA Call 2 
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News 30/08/2020
Finalising the national funding decisions and contracts competition. Soon GEOTHERMICA Call 2 will start its venture. More news to come. 

News 1/07/2020
Projects taking part in the second stage were informed with the 2nd Call results. The start of the 2nd Call will take place in
September 2020, when all contracts will be signed.  

News 5/02/2020
ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION SYSTEM TO SUBMIT ONLINE FULL PROPOSALS APPLICATION was closed.  Currently, the evaluation process of the Call2 is ongoing and in June 2020 funding recommendation and announcement of results to main applicants will be released. 



  • 3 MAY 2019 Pre-announcement of Second Call DONE
  • 22 MAY 2019 Call text published DONE
  • 13 SEPTEMBER 2019 Deadline for project pre-proposals submission DONE
  • 11 NOVEMBER 2019 Invitation to projects applicants regarding the results of the pre-proposals
  • 31 JANUARY 2020 Call for full proposal closes
  • 1 JUNE 2020 Tentative date for funding recommendation and announcement of results to Main Applicants
  • 1 SEPTEMBER 2020 Tentative date for national funding decisions and contracts completed. Start of projects- In progress


System to submit online applications has been closed 

Call 2: CAll text and GUIDELINES FOR applicants  

Please find here a full call text and guideline for applicants of Call 2 in GEOTHERMICA 

GEOTHRMICA Call 2 consists of two stages:

  • Stage 1: Pre-proposals to be submitted by 13 September 2019 at 13:00 CET.
  • Stage 2: Full proposals to be submitted by 31 January 2020 at 13:00 CET.

Call 2: supporting documents

Supporting documents for pre- and full- proposals presented below:

Requirements for proposals in Call 2 

Project proposals have to be from consortia with several partners from several of the participating countries. GEOTHERMICA Call Text and Guideline for Applicants 2nd Call text rules which can be downloaded at the link above. Participants have to meet the specifications of the GEOTHERMICA second call in addition to the funding rules and regulations of their home countries or regions.