Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness – (MINECO-AEI), through the Secretariat of State for Research, Development and Innovation, is the department of the General State Administration responsible for elaborating and implementing government policies on scientific research, technological development and innovation in all sectors, as well as for coordinating state-owned research institutions. 

In particular, MINECO-AEI is responsible for the proposal, management, monitoring and evaluation of the State programmes and strategic actions of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and for Innovation 2013-2016, in line with the Spanish Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020.

Lead person:

Dr Joaquín Serrano Agejas, Deputy Director Assistant for International Projects from 1/12/201, in charge of administrative, legal and financial aspects. He received PhD in Chemistry at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Since May 2013 he has been appointed Deputy Director-General for International Projects at the Ministry of Economy Competitiveness. He has had other responsibilities within the Ministry mainly related to the management of scientific projects and research infrastructures at National and European level. He was the Spanish Representative in various Programme Committees during the Sixth and the Seven Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development. Dr Serrano has research experience in the area of nuclear waste at the Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT).


CDTI is a public entity under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Its core competencies are the funding of industrial R&D projects and the management of international programs across multiple disciplines. The overall aim of CDTI is to increase the capabilities and competitiveness of Spanish companies and to foster the participation of Spanish industry in international cooperation programs. CDTI implements the government technology policy through its own industrial R&D program, including the definition of a set of funding programs, project evaluation and project follow-up.

Lead persons:

Paloma VELASCO GARCIA- Deputy Director for Technical Evaluation. Academic background: Telecommunication Engineer and Ms in General Management. Since 1991, working at CDTI. Former Director of Global Innovative Programmes; within FP7, experience as National Contact Point and Spanish Delegate at the Security Theme Committee as well as Spanish Delegate at the Information and Communication Technologies Committee of FP7
Julián DIAZ- Technical Evaluator. Academic background: Industrial Engineer, a specialist in Mechanical Engineering. Since 1995, working at CDTI as a technical evaluator of Projects of Industrial Technologies. Member of the Cross-Cutting Key Enabling Technologies Steering Committee. Regular collaborator as a Technical Expert Evaluator in many National and International R&D calls.